Smart PDR is a professional paintless dent repair company in Jacksonville. We specialize in removing hail damage, dents, door dings, creases, and minor collision damage. During the repair process, we use the latest technology in a PDR business, which allows us to work faster and dramatically improves quality. Looking for paintless dent repair near me? You got it!

Hail Damage Repair No Deductible Pay

Hail Damage Repair

High-Quality Hail damage repair with a lifetime warranty! All repair processes take as fast as 5 days!

Smart PDR works with all insurance companies and helps with a rental car as well.

Affordable PDR wave out your Deductible and take care of all insurance paperwork!

Dents & Door dings removal

Fixing big dents fast and easily always keeping original paint on your vehicle!

Don’t be stressed out about the insurance claim and Carfax problem!

Affordable prices from 50 $ Free estimate!

Hail Damage Repair No Deductible Pay
Scratch Removal, Hail damage repair

paint correction &
scratch removal

We provide paint correction after clear coat loss dents, scratches, creases, and minor collision but withholding paint.

Smart PDR can buff out scratches on your vehicle and make the paint looks new and shiny again.

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner for longer. Ceramic coating creates intense water beading and dirt run-off and gives a car an extremely glossy shine. Ceramic Coating consists of two layers on the body, plastic, lights, and glass, inside interior glass anti-fog as well. Durable up to 7 years protection, 10H scratch resistance.

Smart PDR Ceramic Coating, Hail damage repair


High-Quality PDR dent repair starts from $75 for a nickel size dent. On average it takes 30 min – 1 hour to fix it up. If you looking for small dent repair in Jacksonville, you can stop by. Get a fast free estimate and fix dings on the same day!

Oversized dents start from $125 and usually take 2-12 hours of repair work. We can buff scratches out, and apply touch-up paint in some cases. You can send 3-4 photos with damage for a free quote at 904-295-55-87.

Profession Ceramic Coating. Base package consists of two layers on the body, one layer on wheels, glass. Durable 7 years protection, 10H & 9H scratch resistance available. The price starts from $249.99 and takes 2-3 days to prepare and apply all materials. We can customize the best ceramic coating package you want.

We are proud to say Smart PDR it’s the best possible way to fix hail damaged vehicle! Our experienced team leads you through all steps of repair fast and easily. From opening claim to submitting the final bill, we help, advise, handle the paperwork on your side! Professional Hail Estimator and Certified PDR Technicals deliver the Best possible Deal!

Scratch Repair and Paint Buffing usually starts from $25 and takes 10-30 min of work. Smart PDR can repair scratches by adding touch-up paint.

We do not just push up the dents and make money for a living, we love what we doing! We Love Cars!​

If you have an inquiry about Auto Hail Damage, Ceramic Coating,

Dents & Dings, Collision Repair please feel free to rewiew our work!

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