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Got a small or a big dent, hail damage or door ding we can take care of it!

Our PDR Team is professionals with over 5 years in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. We fixed a thousand cars around the USA, and they look like new again. Ready to fight against the Dents Ding, Auto Hail Damage, and creases.

Please review our photos before and after, all repair was performed for one day or less. Mostly all paintless dent repair amounts cost less than the Deductible price and dramatically lower than conventional dent repair in the body shop!

Can Paintless Dent Repair help if I got a severe scratch and dent?

Yes, PDR definitely can help. The PDR technician can restore the shape back. Customers can make chose in the future the panel goes to paint refinished or leave it as is. With PDR you can gain fast significant esthetical improvement of damage for an affordable budget.

YOU PAY ZERO out-of-pocket when dealing with the hail damage repair through the insurance. We handle all estimates, supplements, and invoices from the insurance company.  We are also providing assistance with taking you home or schedule a rental car from Enterprise or Herts. 

Smart PDR Photo Gallery

Check out Dent repair

2016 ACURA MDX -
Door ding repair

2017 CHRYSLER 300C -
Dent with Creas

Paintless Dent Repair is it worth it?

Definitely, Yes!!! Paintless Dent Repair costs are sometimes forth times lower than conventional repair in collision shops. Moreover, it’s an environment-friendly way to fix your vehicle! We can work on minor collisions if the paint is damaged due to an accident we can help restore the shape of the panel back! PDR process does not use a lot of energy and does not need any chemicals, paint, or wrap! By choosing Paintless dent repair, you going to better an greener future!

Trust professional, Smart PDR can fast and easy way fix an ugly dent and evaluate the market price of your vehicle! Affordable auto bodywork!

We work with all marks and models!

If you have an inquiry about Auto Hail Damage, Ceramic Coating,

Dents Dings, Collision Repair please feel free to contact us!

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