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Most frequent questions and answers

The Paintless Dent Repair is a method to restore damages such as dents or high spots on different surfaces which are mostly steel, aluminum, and plastic. During the repair process PDR, the technician uses a combination of methods to restore the original shape of the panel. The best thing about PDR it keeps your original paint and it’s fast!

Mostly all Paintless Dent Repair take a day or less. Small ding an hour or less. Hail damage repairs 2-5 days.

It’s easy in most cases, the combination of methods is a better option for dent repair. Paintless Dent Repair estimates is fast and easy because we value your time!
Best Price and High quality!

The eldest common method is to massage the damaged area under the dent. The massage of the dent is the most efficient and reliable method of PDR. Dent Massage providing metal or carbon tools in different shapes and sizes is the best method of PDR so far.

The second method is Glue Pull, Dent puller the glue tabs are attached from the top of the dent and pull up. Glue pull the dent is the perfect choice for start repair of massive dents, because it allows removing around 70% incredible fast, but to get excellent result is time-consuming. a lot of times PDR technicians use this method when it’s limited excess for a massage under a dent. Warning, using the Glue Pull method of PDR includes risk to cut off the paint

The third method is induction heating for high tempera or PDR Hot Box. Inductor machine warming up the small surface to a high temp, its stretches back metal and reduce pressor. PDR Hot Box Induction Machine need High-end skills PDR technician. Combine with traditional dent massage can be highly efficient because it gives the paint and metal super flexibility. Also, it increases the speed of the repair and improves final quality.

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